A Rising Tide Raises All Ships


Les & I had the awesome opportunity to have dinner with a couple very talented photogs and  good friends, Suzy & Phil Schumacher.  A beautiful couple with stunning work.  I got the chance to try out a couple lenses I have been eyeing for a while and snapped the pics above.  We were also blessed to have her nephew Graham join us for the evening.  I think in this particular picture he was being a “Lion that talks and stands on his head like a big boy” ahahah.

We have really enjoyed spending time with Suzy and Phil.  They are the type of people Les and I would be friends with even if photography wasn’t a major common ground. When it comes to this industry though, they really get it.  Always willing and excited to share information, programs, ideas, equipment with Les and I.  They want to see us succeed right along side them.  And the feeling is mutual.

“A rising tide raises all ships.”

The idea is that as the tide rises it brings all ships to a higher level.  We want to be a company, and surround ourselves with companies that don’t solely focus on only raising there own ship , but the industry as a whole.  Making it a healthier and thriving industry for photographers and brides alike.

Lets continue to share & love & better our work and in turn selves. For our own sake, for the industries, and for our couples.


See more of Suzy’s work @ https://www.facebook.com/suzylynnphotography