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The Style & Story Creative Team

This is your story. Your love. Your memories. We want our creative vision to capture it perfectly. There is a simple, but very tangible joy in sharing the awesome step you are taking together.

We have an intimate and personal understanding of the wedding process and we deeply value marriage – both yours and ours. So, let’s celebrate it together! We are all uniquely talented, but as a part of the Style & Story Creative Team, this is true of all of us:

{Our Style}
          Authentic MomentsDynamic Lighting + Artistic Leadership   
= Honest Editorial Memories


Relationships are the most critical aspect to our artwork. We are more likely to become friends with our couples than to simply have a one-time business exchange. 

We like to think of ourselves as a “Memory Machine.” We capture, preserve, and give memories to our couples. Our work would be described as honest, elegant, dynamic, and real with an editorial edge.

Our goal is to capture the unnoticed moments, the otherwise forgotten memories, the unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple.

The Creative Team

  • Stephen

  • Part of my vision is also to provide a voice for organizations in Columbus that are fighting for social justice. I use imagery to help social enterprises and non-profit organizations share stories of restoration and hope.
Ben A.
  • Ben A.

  • As a head photographer on the team, I get to capture every moment of the day. My outgoing personality kicks in and I thrive off of the challenge to make everything perfect. I love my God, beautiful wife, and energetic puppy.
  • Lace

  • As a stylist, my attention to detail, and love of fashion brings a unique strength on a wedding day. I am a newly wed myself and just finished planning the wedding of my dreams with the man of my dreams, Ben A.
Ben H.
  • Ben H.

  • If I weren't a photographer I would be in New York oil painting. I love learning almost as much as I love teaching. Since the birth of my little girl Bea, I photograph the moment a dad sees his daughter in her dress for the first time with new eyes.

  • Les

  • I'm a family girl. Family means the world to me, especially as Ben and I just started our own with our little girl Bea. That's why I love photographing weddings so much. I have the honor of telling the story of two families joining together. This is my dream job.
  • Scarlet

  • Previously working as a wedding coordinator has given me unique insight and experience with everything that goes into a wedding day, and helps inform the decisions that need to be made in the Style & Story office.

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Stephen & NatalieOur Little Family

I met my wife, Natalie, during my last year at OSU and married her in two weeks. Just kidding! But after two weeks of dating, I pretty much knew we’d be in it for the long haul. Fast forward a couple years, I just married the love of my life, my best friend, and the most supportive partner I could ever ask for. 

We now live in the tiny, quaint neighborhood of Milo-Grogan right down the street from our church and near the heart of Columbus. We adore our cozy nook with the most kind and generous neighbors in all of Columbus.  

I really enjoy learning and am fascinated by most things. I am constantly teaching myself new hobbies and diving deep into projects, be it building my computer or learning to cook the perfect steak (and trust me, I can). Biking is the current favorite pursuit for both Nat and I.

I love a good, spontaneous “adventure”. That might mean biking from Columbus to Cleveland or jumping in the Olentangy River in January. Sometimes it just means spontaneously ripping out the carpet of our bedroom.  

As a newly wed, I’m in the process of figuring out what it looks like to be a husband. It’s the beginning of a crazy and wonderful journey that I’m thrilled to be on.

Oh, and Parks and Recreation is “literally” my favorite show. 

Ben & Les

Ben & LesA quick little story

Our girl Bea was born Oct 21st, 2014. She is the silliest, most awesome little peach we have ever met. 

Les & I are both pretty active. You kind of have to be in order to be a great photographer. Sometimes you just have to be able to climb a tree. Les runs most nights, I am usually doing something that requires balance (slack-lining, longboarding, rock climbing, etc.)

We laugh at ourselves more often than not. It helps boost our confidence.

I don’t care too much for beer – unless it’s Founders Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Stout then I’m all about it. Nevertheless 9/10 I’ll order a Manhattan. Les enjoys Blue Moon or chilled Bordeaux. 

We are learning to love each other. I think we are learning well. We forgive well, I think – if Les disagrees, I bet she forgives me for saying it.

I refuse to let Les sleep alone. That’s not to say we won’t go to bed pissed at each other every once in a while. But when those nights come, and Les heads to the couch, I sleep on the living room floor beside her.

Believe the best in people. It makes a difference.


Ben & Lacey-1

Ben & LaceWho we are

Six ago I swept Lace off of her feet at a pool party. And since then I’ve tried not to let her down. From that first day by the pool, I’ve always known she was the one. We celebrated our marriage in September of 2014 and are loving life together even more.

We have one child, Archer. Archer is our 1 year-old, spoiled rotten, soft-coated wheaten terrier. Shark Tank is our go to show while HGTV is our go to channel. Whether it’s “Love It or List It” or “House Hunters” we know we won’t get in a fight over who’s in charge of the remote. Even though she would win that war anyway.

We both continue to strive to be more like Jesus! I have turned Lace into quite a sports fan in the past few years! We root hard for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Cavilers, and our hometown Columbus Blue Jackets! 

One major hobby for both of us is refurnishing furniture. Anything vintage, wood, or unique screams our name. Our goal is also to buy a fixer upper and put our person touch on it someday soon. 

Building relationships and being creative are the two things we enjoy most. Photography allows us to do both.

Enjoy life!

-Ben A.



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