This is your story. Your love. Your memories. We want our creative vision to capture it perfectly. There is a simple, but very tangible joy in sharing the awesome step you are taking together.

We have an intimate and personal understanding of the wedding process and we deeply value marriage – both yours and ours. So, let’s celebrate it together! We are all uniquely talented, but as a part of the Style & Story Creative Team, this is true of all of us:

{Our Style}
          Authentic Moments + Intentional Artistry + Compassion
= Honest Editorial Memories


Our process of serving our couples is really exciting because it allows your values, wants and needs to be heard, understood and captured.

We call our process Listen – Evaluate // Listen – Serve  

With this process anchoring our dynamic shooting style, we capture the unnoticed moments, otherwise forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple.