Andrew & Lynsey Bowling Green, OH Engagement Pictures


We had been styling this shoot before we had even seen the first signs of snow. Emails flying back and forth, pinterest links left and right. Lynsey knew she wanted vintage, rustic, and elegance. Thats exactly what we got. However apart from the pearls, lace, old books, and Lynsey’s beautiful dress, more than any of that we needed snow. Some of you may know this but here in OH, 2012 has been the record warmest winter in history.

Finding snow would prove to be difficult. Clearly from the pictures we found it! but how? Honestly. Luck. We had planned so intensively over the month prior and here it all came down to luck.

As much as we planned, all the work we put into making sure everything was just right, there will always be chance involved in your photographs. That element of chance and your ability to respond to it is what will define you as a photographer. Plan well & enjoy the roll of the dice.


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