Style Boards Angie & Lee





Les and I worked with one of our couples, Angie & Lee to put together these personalized style boards for our styled “Get to know you” shoot.  We cant wait!  A full day of shooting a ton of great opportunities. Lees’ classic Corvette, ice-cream date on the beach, boat ride in the afternoon, sunset wine along the water where Lee proposed, and to top it all off dinner at a winery.

We love being able to work with couples to really style their shoot out and make it perfect.  Everything from the general color palette down to the hair styles worn.  We first get an idea of what the couple has in mind.  ANYTHING.  An image, a feel, a color, a mood, a location, a theme, a prop.  We almost always start from a vision of the couples, no matter how small.  From there Les and I build.  We brainstorm and begin to come with the bigger picture.  We begin to present our thoughts and those ideas tend to create new inspiration from our couples.  Once we have a bit more to go on, Les and I sit down to create our style boards.  Unified visuals of what the shoot will be styled as.  It is a night and day difference when both we as photographers and our couples know what to expect from the shoot, instead of just showing up and trying to run with it.  The results are amazing.  You end up feeling like a model for the day, everything planned out before you, and less like an awkward cousin of someone trying to take a picture of you in front of foliage.   ahah