I love Easter.  The celebration of Jesus’s Resurrection, the colors, the smell in the air, the flowers, the candy (Jelly Bellies!), the ham & cheesy potatoes, the 2nd serving of more ham and cheesy potatoes. At the Hartley’s, we have colored easter eggs ever since i can remember, we have hidden Easter Baskets, and have an easter egg hunt every year. We have never missed a year, I dont imagine we ever will.  Traditions that began with my grandparents and we continue.  Yes, I am 25 years old, married, and off on my own, and yet I still find great joy in searching for colorful eggs in flowerbeds. I think its a great exercise to continue to allow yourself to find joy in the things & experiences that made you smile as a kid.  (I even dyed one of my easter eggs like a poke’ ball) To allow your heart to be softened enough to relax and laugh with your parents and allow them to have their kids back if only for a few minutes. It is not a contrived, nostalgic moment, forced and awkward. Its a celebration, a joyful act, a tradition.