Q. Why should we rent the INSTASTYLE photobooth over any other photo booth?

A. We are Professional Photographers. We take photographs for a living. Our INSTASTYLE photobooth uses our own professional camera gear and high-end studio lighting setups. On top of that, we value good, clean, refined design. Our INSTASTYLE photobooth will impress your guests with its minimal, high-end look.

Q. Do our guests get to take home fancy prints?

A. With our print package, prints are made instantly for you & your guests to enjoy!

Q. Is the Booth open air format? Or a private curtained-off space?

A. We can do either option to accommodate your event.  The open air format tends to attract more guests, and encourage more ridiculousness (hand-stands, jumps, group pyramids) The closed format gives your guests the privacy to be as reserved…or over-the-top as they would like.

Q. My venue is not very large, how much space do I need to use the INSTASTYLE photobooth?

A.  The INSTASTYLE photobooth is extremely flexible & can fit in compact spaces if need be. Let us know your size restrictions and we bet we can make it work.

Q. Can the INSTASTYLE photobooth also capture video?

A.  Yes! Your guests will get to choose whether to have 3 photographs taken or a video.

Q. Will there be an attendant on site to make sure everything runs smoothly?

A. Yes there will be a professional attendant present to make sure everything runs perfectly.

Q. How many people can the INSTASTYLE photobooth fit?

A. We have seen a group of 20 adults create the most ridiculously fun group shot known to man using our INSTASTYLE photobooth.

Q.  Does the INSTASTYLE photobooth come with awesome creative props to keep our guests laughing?

A. Yes. Only the best.

Q. Do you offer custom options to better fit my needs and style?

A. Yes!  You can add on various print options, custom backdrops to fit the style of your event, INSTASTYLE album, extra coverage time, disk of high resolution digital files & a custom designed “logo” for your event.

Q. I love your INSTASTYLE photobooth! How much is it to have at my event?

A. Complete Packages Starting at $700.