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  • Emma & Jason

“What more could you want in a wedding photographer? Awesomely inspired photographs? Style & Story nail it. Extreme flexibility in making sure you get everything that you want? Of course they do. So warm and friendly that they feel like a part of your family? That’s Style and Story. They were one of the best things about our wedding day & just want anyone and everyone who is considering a photographer to choose Style & Story Creative. Just do it. For your sake, the sake of all your loved ones.”
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  • Whitney & Cory

“Phenomenal, amazing, fantastic. I just received all of my goodies from our wedding package. When I opened up my coffee book table album it instantly brought tears to my eyes. I started to relive the moments that were captured in all the wonderful photos. This is exactly what I wanted in a photographer and Style & Story Creative did just this and more. They went above and beyond my highest expectations.”
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  • Angelica & Ricky

“When we got our engagement pictures done, EVERYONE was totally obsessed with them and there was almost a “buzz” going around about the pictures and about how incredible they were. The Pictures turned out incredible… So unique, and so “us”. People told me that they couldn’t believe how well they captured love…its such an accurate way to describe what they do. Not only was the end result good, but the process was awesome as well. My fiance and I both felt a little nervous because we had never really done a photo shoot before- but they helped us feel totally comfortable and loosen up.”
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  • Lynsey & Andrew

“Let me start out by saying that I received fourteen voicemails on my honeymoon to let us know how amazing our sneak peek was. It is a true testament to how creative and inventive Style & Story Creative’s work really is. I can say without a doubt that if you decide to go with Style & Story Creative you will not be let down. You will be absolutely blown away!”
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  • Erika & Adam

“When my husband and I look through our pictures, it lets us relive our special day over and over. And being able to see some moments that were missed by us but Style & Story Creative were able to catch (like my grandparents smiling at each other after 51 years of marriage!). You do not feel like you are being photographed, you feel like you are just hanging out with friends. They will have you looking like you are relaxed and beautiful on the best day of your life, even if you feel like a frazzled mess. Do yourself a favor and give them a ring!”
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