Ricky & Gelly Bowling Green, OH Engagement Pictures


Two dear friends indeed.  Nothing is more of an honor to Leslie and I than when dear friends of ours ask us to capture there day.  Les and I met Ricky & Gelly during our time at BGSU.  As soon as they started dating, everyone just knew that they were “it”…er at the very least Les & I knew.  That the huge, deep, seemingly always present smiles they give each other meant more than the usual college romantic fling.  And here Les & I are, being asked to carry out the responsibility of capturing those smiles.  Wow.

But i guess when it is all said and done, our time shooting pictures with them will be like any other time we spend together.  Great laughter, intentional questions of each others lives, talk of God, and the joys that marriage holds ahead.


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