Spring Date Adventure Time

Leslie and I decided to take the opportunity to enjoy a nice spring date while we still can as wedding season is quickly approaching!  (1st wedding is this Sat, woot!)  We took off on foot, cameras in hand, and headed towards BGSU’s campus.  We had heard of a mythological treat called “Pink Berry” that apparently is the nectar of the Gods as far as goodness in concerned. Along our quest for this Fro-yo we grabbed a number of great architectural shots that showed off the stunning sky we were blessed with this evening.  Just before walking into Pink Berry we came across a couple giddy little pups.  The smaller of the two, struck a rather stoic pose against the tall buildings in the background, while the larger pup cared about one thing and one thing only.  Getting my lens dirty.  Sadly he succeeded.

Finally after a 25min wait in line…(no joke) we received our delicious Pink Berry.  And I must say, it is as good as we have heard.  I have no doubt we will be back many times more this summer, (I even got a returning customer card) If i may suggest…get a blend of the Coconut and Blood Orange fro-yo topped with fresh Kiwi, rasberries, blood oranges, & blueberries.  You will not regret the tangy awesomeness that you experience.