Columbus Wedding VideographyYour Story in Video

Style & Story Creative Video is the ultimate version of your complete story.

It’s the best way to capture the memories from your special day – not just sight, but sound.

The statements of love and support from family and friends are some of the most important gifts you receive on your wedding day. Stories and anecdotes, laughter and tears, words that will likely never be spoken again. This is what we will preserve for you.

We want to tell your unique story with each video. By spending time with you, the memories we capture, and creative resources, we take care in crafting art worth watching again and again.

Our video background is in short films, TV, and  commercial work. The same high set of standards and production values that these industries demand, we bring to the table when crafting your story.

One of the top regrets that brides have is not investing in a video from their Wedding Day. Four of the biggest names in Wedding Planning have published some great posts on this that are worth a read to help you avoid any wedding day regrets.

Glamour Weddings
The Knot

When you watch our videos, pay close attention to the care that we take with adding emotion simply through how our camera glides through scenes, try to catch the subtleties of storytelling that shape the chapters of this film, and listen closely to the words being spoken and imagine having these words from your own Grandmother, Father, Sister, or Friend forever preserved.

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The Dream TeamWedding Photo and Video

One of the best things about working with Style & Story Creative for your Wedding Videography is that we are also one of the best Wedding Photography teams in the Midwest. When you have both your photography and video coming from one creative team, the results are incredible! Because we work full-time together, we compliment each other perfectly; never getting in the way of each-others shots or having a creative discrepancy. This is not only great for your video and photos, but also for your stress level on and before the wedding day. Not only this, but the production value that we bring to each art form lifts the other up. All of our photography lighting only makes our videos better, and all of our video setups only make our photography better. 

One of the main reasons couples elect not to include professional videography on their wedding day is because of the perceived cost. While we do offer video only options, if you bundle Style & Story Creative photography + video together, you’ll be able to get world class videography at an incredible rate.

There are a number of options when it comes to your wedding day video coverage and the type of video we craft for you to relive your wedding day forever. We offer anywhere from 8 to unlimited hours of coverage on your day with the following video options.

Jaw-dropping Cinematic Edits
(bring your love to life with major motion picture quality)

-Creative Cinematic Film
-Wedding Day Trailer
-Engagement Love Story Video
-Wedding Day Music Video

Documentary Film Edits
(capture the raw moments of your wedding day in perfect clarity)

-Full-length remastered Ceremony Video
-Full-length remastered Speeches Video
-RAW footage/extended edits

Due to the demand and popularity of our video packages, we highly encourage you to contact us and book as early as possible as our dates fill up extremely quickly.