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I'm Ben. Here is my story.

14 years ago, I wasn't a wedding photographer.
14 years ago, I was in your shoes. Planning my own wedding. Counting down the days until May 29th, 2010 — the date I would marry my wife at a small church along the shores of Lake Erie.

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As the months leading up to our wedding date slipped by, the stress began to build. Like you, we researched, we planned, and we hoped that everything would come together. More than anything, we didn’t want to spend our day worrying... wondering whether or not those fleeting, once in a lifetime moments would be documented — documented well, in a way that felt like “us."  Suddenly, wedding photography, which we’d never thought that much about, emerged as a priority above everything else. 

And then we found the perfect photographer for our wedding.

I can’t recall off the top of my head much of what people said, or the specifics of what exactly happened that day, but I’ll never forget how I felt on May 29th, 2010. 

It’s hard to bottle it up into one word, so let me just say this: when we hopped into our car at the end of the evening, I looked over at my glowing new wife and said, 

“Let’s do that again!”

Style & Story was created to give you that same feeling of relief that comes when you know you have a passionate photographer rich with personality, beaming with passion crafting Intentional, Authentic and Emotional photographs for you. 

With peace of mind - I want you to say, “Let’s do that again!” after your own wedding.

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Our home is full of laughter, reckless silliness, and squeals of joy. What started with our 3 year old daughter Bea, has now expanded exponentially with the arrival of our twin boys, Alex Gold & Colton Fox!

Les & I are both pretty active. You have to be in order to be a great photographer. Sometimes you just have to be able to climb a tree. Les runs most nights, while I am usually doing something a bit more niche (slacklining, longboarding, maybe even some ping pong).

We laugh at ourselves more often than not. It helps boost our confidence.

I don’t care too much for beer – unless it’s Founders Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Stout, then I’m all about it. Nine times out of ten, I’ll stick with a Manhattan. Les enjoys Blue Moon or a chilled red Bordeaux (take your pick). 

We are learning to love each other. I think we are learning well. 

I refuse to let Les sleep alone, that’s not to say we won’t go to bed ticked at each other every once in a while, but when those nights come and Les heads to the couch, I sleep on the living room floor beside her. 

Believe the best in people. It makes a difference.


Ben H.



Unlike the rest of the team, I’m not married (yet), but I do have a son, Oliver! He has 4 paws and he’s a tiny ball of fluff! Any other dog parents in the building?! 

I picked up my love of photography from my father. He was always carrying a camera around and I, needing to do everything he was doing, started photography in high school and quickly realized that I never wanted to put my camera down! I love exploring new places and jumping on every travel opportunity possible, so if you’re thinking about getting married or shooting your engagement session somewhere new, what are you waiting on? Let’s go! I’m always ready for a new adventure! 

I’m a firm believer that dessert can be eaten at any time of the day and especially more than once! Three cheers for ice cream! Oreo cheesecake with extra oreo and extra cheesecake is my favorite! How can you go wrong with oreos, or cheesecake, or ice cream!? I’m a little obsessed with Game Show Network. Family Feud and Deal or No Deal are two of my favorites. I think cheese can be put on almost anything. Catch me in the cheese aisle at a grocery store near you! I’m also probably a little too obsessed with high heels, especially for already being 6 foot tall. Embrace your height, ladies!  

My favorite part about photographing weddings is that I get to spend time with couples on one of the happiest days of their lives. What an honor! This job is such a blessing and I absolutely can’t imagine doing anything else!





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My wife, Natalie, and I life in the quaint neighborhood of Milo-Grogan right down from the street from our church near the heart of Columbus. We adore our cozy nook with the sweetest and generous neighbors in all of Columbus. 

I met Natalie during my last year at OSU. Just after two weeks of dating, I pretty much knew we’d be in it for the long haul. Needless to say, I married her. She’s the love of my life, my best friend, and the most supportive partner I could ever ask for. We have big dreams and are determined to achieve them together. 

I love the adventurous side of life. That might mean biking from Columbus to Cleveland or signing up for a triathlon not really knowing how to swim properly. Most commonly, it’s grabbing some Late Night Slice at 2AM. Life just happens. 

I’m constantly learning what it means being a husband. I hope I can be as encouraging and as Natalie is to me. 





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Back in 2010 I met the most incredible person on this earth, Lacey Jo. A few years later, I put a ring on that girl and sealed the deal. We got married at a quaint brewery having our first dance in a beautiful garden under the stars with twinkle lights above us. 

We have 2 pups, Archer & Belle. They are Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. They are much cooler than me as you can find them on instagram @archerandbelle (you're welcome) 

I have turned Lace into a sports fan over the past few years! We root hard for Ohio State, Cleveland Cavs (or whatever team Lebron is on), and our hometown Columbus Blue Jackets. Sports talk radio is what is on the radio during my morning commute. 

An ideal night includes us taking the Jeep top off and heading out to dinner and an adventure! A few of our favorite dinner spots are Cooper's Hawk, Condados Tacos, and M at Miranova. 

Let’s hang out! 


Ben A.



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Our process of serving our couples is really exciting because it allows your values, wants and needs to be heard, understood and captured. With this process anchoring our intentional shooting style, we capture the unnoticed moments, otherwise forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple.

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Our process of serving our couples is really exciting because it allows your values, wants and needs to be heard, understood and captured. With this process anchoring our intentional shooting style, we capture the unnoticed moments, otherwise forgotten memories, unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities specific to each couple.

the style & story process

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