Ben & Les Photography is rocking out.  We are growing steadily, providing awesome experiences for our couples and loving it.  We wouldn’t have any other job.  But in the end of the day, our marriage is far more important than our Photography Company.  And not only our marriage, but our lives.

I only bring this up because we have been quick to deprive our marriage of its needed time & energy and instead  spend gratuitous amounts of time way past normal business hours working; editing photos, updating sites, calling couples, blogging (how ironic), planning, reading new photo tips, watching podcasts, etc.

We recently became aware of our workaholic symptoms and have begun to reclaim our time with each other, and time with God.

And you know what? our business is still rocking out!  Perhaps more than before.  We are joyously taking time to love each other well. Everyday.  We began taking an hour each night to have a devotional reading together, and finding it giving us life in a way that one more hour researching photo techniques simply cannot.

We are currently reading the book, The Last Enemy by Michael Wittmer.  It is giving us such profound perspective on the fragility and brevity of life.  And in doing so has freed us to value our time on this earth each day.  It reminds us how to love not only each other as husband and wife, but people in general.  Our neighbors, our friends, our couples, and strangers at the grocery store.

We just read this expert from Wittmer’s book and found it incredibly profound:

“Dont merely be discouraged by death: use it to gain perspective. You will know you have taken death to heart when you stop fretting about the stain on your carpet and the price of gasoline and save energy for the people and problems that count. You will spend less time online, in the mall, and scrolling through channels on television. You will follow the news and your favorite team with one eye and from a distance, knowing that what happens with the weather or on the field does not change the final score of your life. You will say no to many things so you can say yes to the best. Life is too short to read bland books or watch movie sequels. There isn’t enough time for gossip, grudges, or plotting revenge. You dont have years to waste on what someone else thinks you should be or do. When you take death to heart, you’ll tuck your children in every night, make some meals from scratch to share with friends, and go barefoot every chance you can. You’ll take hungry bites from the peach of life, and when the juice runs down your chin and all the way to your elbows, you’ll wipe it with your shirt.

Death is the destiny of every person, and those who take that truth to heart are finally ready to live.”

-Michael E. Wittmer