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The Unforgettable Wedding Tradition You Aren’t Doing Everyone knows about the timeless tradition of having flower girls walk down the aisle, a basket of petals in hand, leading the way before the bride. But have you ever heard of this twist on that timeless tradition? No? Well, you are missing out! Andrea & Mike took […]

What do you think about when you think about a classic? a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom? a Rat Pack album collection? a Fine mahogany turntable? Yeah, we would agree with all those things too, but when we think of a classic when it comes to weddings, we think of Casey and Dan’s wedding. Let’s talk […]

Justin: I woke up the morning of the wedding and went on a 16 mile run with one of my groomsmen and two of our guests.  (Us marathon trainers never take a day off!)  I don’t think I felt very nervous the morning of the wedding, I definitely had some jitters right before the ceremony, […]