Reena & Martin | Greater Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, OH - Style & Story
Let’s talk about flowers! Describe your bouquet and boutonnieres:

We didn’t have a bouquet or boutonnières. We had the bridesmaids walk down with lamps with a lit flame.

Tell us about the wedding dress:

I wanted some traditional colors and embroidery so I went with a green blouse, red shawl-piece and a base beige/tan skirt all with traditional matching gold embroidery. My parents came to India while I was working there to go wedding shopping with me. I liked one design but didn’t like the colors, so I settled for another dress. I knew I had made the wrong choice later that night and by the morning I had told my mom I wanted to go back to the store. She was so supportive and made the experience that much more wonderful because she simply understood me. The owner of the store said he could make that first dress I had liked in the exact colors I wanted. It turned out perfectly. My aunt later found the most beautiful veil to match. It couldn’t have been more wonderful!


How did you feel the morning of your wedding? Did you have wedding day jitters?

Reena: I woke up feeling thrilled and so excited to see Martin. I had my mom and two aunts, as well as my bridesmaids, come in while I was getting ready. We were listening to music, sipping on some bubbly and getting ready for the day. It was wonderful.


Martin: I woke up super early that morning and did my morning ritual of jumping in the shower. I usually listen to NPR in the morning, but that day, I just had our first dance song on repeat and practiced our dance in the shower. I didn’t feel nervous about marrying Reena at all. I was more nervous about remembering all the moves!


Martin, in 5 words describe what you thought when you saw your bride walking down the aisle:

Anticipation, elation, overwhelming love, awe


Party time! First off, how was that cake? And why did you choose your cake designer?

My aunt has a friend who is a baker and owns an amazing company. She has made cakes/cupcakes for many weddings in our family. She is so talented and her baked goods are just the perfect amount of sweet and softness. The wedding cupcakes went real quick!


What was the most memorable moment of the reception?

Reena: Our first dance and our killer dance floor!


Martin: That’s a hard one. The dance was definitely memorable, but the speeches also were so touching and heartfelt that I tear every time I watch them.

Any local insider tips for planning a wedding in Tampa, Florida?    

Martin: If you need any help planning an Indian wedding, ask Reena’s parents and family! They definitely have had lots of experience!

We would love to show your vendors some love. who were your vendors?

Greater Tampa Convention Center

Hilton Tampa Downtown

Crown Entertainment- DJ Samir

B3 Event Management for Indian decorations

Swatch Studios- videographers

Florida Lighted Dance Floors

Karen’s Custom Cakes

Cuco’s Taqueria

Saffron Indian Grill

Banana Leaf